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New Feature! Save Fuel Costs with Fuel Burn Analysis

30th May 2022

Our new Fuel Burn Analysis feature shows how much you could be saving in fuel when compared with similar assets against your competitors. In construction, fuel is one of the largest costs and is far more controllable now than we are used to. With our telemetry fitted to the assets we know if the asset is working or idling, then you can use that data to make better decisions and save money.

We take that data and multiply it by its litre per hour burn rate, therefore we know how much, in litres, you are wasting each day. Enter how much you are paying per litre, and this wastage is converted to a dollar figure. We compare this data against other similar assets within the The Fleet Office database to give you a fair comparison and view where the realistic improvements lie, and where you stand within the industry in regards to fuel wastage.

Your assets are collated and multiplied together to give you a score as a company.

You can break this down to each category even down to each asset so you can action what you need to, and speak to the right people to ensure each machine is operating as efficiently as possible.

"The results have been super impressive; we have been able to obtain a 22% reduction in machine idle time and massive fuel savings of around 4,000 to 6,000 litres per week using The Fleet Office's products. We've had less servicing requirements and our assets are lasting longer."

In summary, this new feature will give you the data to be able to take action to reduce your fuel wastage thus saving you money. Have a look as part of your FleetIntelligence subscription and if you need further assistance, our team is here to help you navigate Fuel Burn Analysis and guide you to take action.

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